14 Tips for HTML
based newsletter

HTML Newsletter is a tool branding the company and its services against its existing and potential customers, but the HTML format newsletter can be a bit tricky. The content should be displayed correctly in dozens of email platforms and software, each has its own nuances.

A good HTML design creates an attractive newsletter, branded and efficient. But when the design is presented poorly and is not adjusted to all platforms, it may be unreadable, functioning incorrectly and be blocked by various filters.

Here are some topics should addressed when designing the newsletter:

  1. Avoid using CSS - Most platforms will remove them. If you still want to use CSS use then inline inside the Body tags and not outside it.
  2. Avoid using background pictures. Most platforms will remove them.
  3. Store your pictures on email servers on the Internet.
  4. Design your newsletter to a width of 650 - 700 pixels - this issue is important so that recipients do not have to scroll across when they only view the newsletter.
  5. Build your newsletter to up to 500Kb.
  6. Do not insert scripts in the newsletter - most email platforms will detect you as spam.
  7. Linked Web version of your email - if the recipients can't view the newsletter properly, supply them a link showing the newsletter on a web page.
  8. Use Alt tags for images in the newsletter - This is important because this is the first thing the recpient sees before he downloads the image.
  9. Be sure that the main content will be at the center top of the newsletter - this content will be viewed first by the recipients when they don't open the email in full display.
  10. Use text, Alt tags, colors, and pictures in your HTML newsletter and not just an image that links to your website.
  11. Link to you website in order for recipients expand reading on certain topics.
  12. Newsetter navigation should match your website navigation. Usee the same titles, subjects and concepts.
  13. Supply unsubscribe link - this explains the recipients that they can decide when to stop receiving emails from you. The content is not forced on them.
  14. Rich media such as videos, Flash and audio clips - link it from the newsletter in order to avoid being blocked spam filters.