How to increase the opening rate
of your email marketing campaign

Newsletter is an important tool for the company's marketing efforts, strengthen the relationship with the customers and to increase customers loyalty. Therefore there is a great importance that the highest possible number of newsletters will be opened and read by customers. Sometimes companies make mistakes that cause the newsletter to be directed to the junk folder of the recipients instead of the inbox. This article presents the rules for creating the newsletter.

There are several rules that would greatly improve the opening rate of the email marketing campaign:

  1. Send your newsletter early as possible. Statistics shows that campaigns sent in the mornings recieved higher opening rates.
  2. Personalization - Add the recipient's name to the subject or body of the newsletter significantly improves its deliverability And prevents it from getting into the spam folder.
  3. Newsletter subject - avoid using exclamation marks or Capital Letter in the subject of the newsletter.
  4. Refrain from using such words in Subject: Free cash, loans, work from home and so on.
  5. Newsletter consisting only an image - it is advised to avoid newsletters consisting only of an image since they may be blocked by spam filters.
  6. Use a long text email body.
  7. Be sure not to insert scripts into the newsletter - script tag is not acceptable by spam filters.
  8. Avoid blank rows.
  9. Avoid freemail reply address (for example hotmail, yahoo, aol).
  10. Display Name - who was the newsletter sent from - Define the business name (Display Name) sender accurately.
  11. Add your business details at the bottom of the newsletter. It is important to specify the name of the business, physical address, telephone numbers and emails.
  12. Add at the bottom of the newsletter a request to add the you to the recipient safe list. For example: To ensure receiving updates that we send to your email box please add us to your Safe Senders List.

Following these rules will help your recipients receive your newsletter regularly and open rates will increase.