Marketing with
an email marketing service

Newsletter is an effective marketing tool, measurable and cheap implemented using emails. Many companies rely on this marketing tool to keep stay in close touch with their customers and send them information directly to their email box.

A newsletter will usually include marketing information about products and services of the company in order to acquire new customers or get existing customers to purchase additional products and services. A newsletter may also include periodic information about the company and its' activities in order to establish a relationship with the customer and increase loyalty.

Example to other advertising methods used by companies:

  1. Direct post mail to the recipient's home.
  2. Company ads in magazines and various newspapers.

Marketing using newsletters is most popular for several reasons:

  1. Distributing a newsletter is much cheaper than printing and sending flyers using an envelope and stamps to the customer's house.
  2. Newsletter is delivered directly to the customer unlike other advertising methods where the customer has to get to the advertisement (eg, Web sites).
  3. Newsletter marketing is proven very effective.

As much as it is easy to send newsletters to thousands of customers compared to sending a flyer to the recipient's home it is important to note several things:

  1. Proper design and construction of the newsletter in order for it to not be detected as spam and in order for it to be presented to the recipietns properly.
  2. Customers approval in advance by which they agree to receive the newsletter updates of your company.