Newsletter as an Effective - marketing tool

Newsletter is an email containing information that is sent to recipients who have expressed their consent to receive information from the delivering company. The newsletter contains information about the company, information about products and services of the company or just a happy birthday / holiday delivery. This marketing tool is inexpensive and efficient allowing the company to stay in touch with its customers and develope them to using other products and services.

Customer capital

Customer capital is the value of relationships that a company builds with its' customers, and which is reflected in their loyalty to the company and its products or services. IT refers to regular and casual customers which influence the company's volume of activity. A company's customer capital is in fact the affects directly on its' profitability. Therefore a company's main goal is to manage and to increase its' customer capital. Newsletter systems allows to manage lists of customers. These lists can be lists of active clients / potential clients and even churn customers in which company profitability diminishes. Proper management of these lists will allow company managers to enhance themr.

Managing list of customers

Lists of customers can be imported in the company account of the newsletter. Registration forms can be produced and then be assimilated in websites or among the company's various partners. Potential customers or clients who are interested in the newsletter will register and automatically receive the newsletter.

What now?

Study your recipients - what do they like, what are their interests, which products had better performance? Understanding your customers will help you direct your marketing efforts accordingly thereby increase sales.