The use of ALT tags in
HTML-based newsletters

ALT tags help us tell the story of our newsletter when our readers don't allow downloading images in their email client. ALT tags display text describing the image when it is not displayed or when hovering it with the mouse.

Use of alt tags in HTML of the newsletter is important for two reasons:

  1. Many email platforms will not download and display images by default. Instead they display a security warning about the images and let the recipients decide wheather they accept them or not. Alt tags will help them understand what is about to be shown to them.
  2. Recipients who have a slow internet connection may not see the images for a few seconds and might delete the newsletter before downloading them. Alt tags can help them understand what is about to be shown to them

For which images should you use alt tags in the newsletter? Logos, header image, titles, product names, banners, graphs and schemes.

It may seem a lot of work but in practice it is just another 5 minutes of work before we send the newsletter. Adding alt tags can increase the number of exposures of your newsletter and by that extend the exposure of your business of our activities to your customers.