Tips for creating effective
email marketing campaign

The key to successful email marketing campaign is achieving the highest possible number of recipients to the campaign and then maintaing a strong relationship with them. One of the main methods of email marketing is sending a newsletter regularly to the customers. The newsletter may include information about new products, discounts, promotions or anything that might interest your clients. For this strategy to be effective the newsletter must be built well. This article contains tips for constructing your newsletter.

Here are some tips:

Write an exciting Subject

The first thing the recipient sees in the newsletter is the subject. The subject should imply the content of the newsletter and to arouse the curiosity of the recipient to open it.

Write to the recipient

People do not like to read emails that are not personal. Write with a personal note in your newsletter as if you are refering directly to your client. On the other hand it is important not to overstate it. Maintain a healthy dose.


Too many graphics, graphs, images, text formatted newsletter will be suspected to be spam. This is a sure way to cause the recipient to close the message. Keep the design clean and simple.

Use bullets

Try not to write too many paragraphs. Sometimes recipients glance quickly through the newsletter before they begin sink into the details and paragraphs are difficult to review. Bullets are easy to review and make an excellent way for the recipients to capture the key points we aimed for. On the other hand try not to use too many bullets.

Place links in the beginning, middle and end

These are the areas most widely read so remember to put the most important links in these areas. Monitoring activities will show improvement in the number of clicks on links.

Use images for your products

People always want to see what they are buying. This is true for intangible products or services. For example, instead of text for a financial advice give a picture which illustrates the advice visually.

Use special offers and bonuses

Create a special offer or give something for free to your recipients. People are always attracted special deals or free trades. On the other hand do not use the word "free" too much body newsletter. Spam filters check for this word.

Provide contact details

Where possible, provide the address of your website, email address, telephone and even e-mail address. It easier for customers to contact you.